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Why are we here?

Our focus is on building successful, value driven relationships with our clients, and within the communities in which we serve, by providing comprehensive human capital management solutions that allow business owners to focus on the future and growth of their businesses.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive human capital management solutions to our clients, building relationships that are bigger than the products and providing peace of mind as our clients grow their businesses and navigate through life’s changes.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive human capital management solutions through a single source, value-added relationship to business owners nationwide. We strive to build relationships that grow and evolve as our clients’ businesses grow and change by providing a team of dedicated professionals whose mission is to educate, collaborate, innovate, and guide.


Do what is best for the client and their business

We consider our role a privilege and apply unrelenting commitment to identifying and educating our clients on their most critical areas of risk, and to designing solutions to mitigate those risks.

Value the team

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, strengths, and the contributions of our dedicated professionals and community relationships. We strive to continually grow, to acknowledge and value our partnerships, and to remain aware of what we do, individually and as an organization, and its impact on our teams, our company, and the communities in which we serve.

Connect, Educate, Collaborate, and Innovate

We are committed to connecting with our clients and with each other to drive success, foster growth and pursue innovation. Our dedicated professionals will continue to collaborate to expand relationships, develop new strategies and utilize new technologies which will allow us to better guide our clients as their needs change.

Better every day

We actively choose to make a difference and get better every day. We continue to educate ourselves and our clients. We act with integrity, honesty, and with a commitment to the services that we provide and to the initiatives that impact the lives of our team members, our company, and the communities in which we serve.


We are committed to discipline in our thoughts, discipline in the planning of, and discipline in the actions taken to forward the utilization of the core principles within our purpose, vision, and mission to ensure that Employer Solutions continues to do what we do best.